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April 5, 2010 / ygramulqc

Exploring an unknown area with FPV Quadrocopter

Imagine an area you do not know. You cannot go into this area for some reasons (too much danger for example), but you want to look into this area .. maybe there is an injured person who needs some help. With a remote control device you can go into it. If it’s capable to fly and hover it’s much more flexible and faster. Add an cam with radio connection to video googles or a display and you can look at nealy every spot on this area .. even through windows.

That’s my test for this:

I’m only getting that close I can go without risk to touch anything and “crash” the copter .. because in a real situation I may loose the copter in case of a crash.

The used quadrocopter is a X-BL from Asctec with a FunPilot on it. Because of my 35 MHz RC control and the “normal” 10 mW video transmission with omnidirectional antenna the range is really limited. But the small, stable and really reliable quadrocopter can do this job and it’s much more cheaper than a “professional” quadrocopter like a microdrones or similar. With better radio quality (2.4 GHz control and 5.8 GHz video, antenna tracking) it may be an option for rescue or help teams.


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