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July 18, 2010 / ygramulqc

OpenSourcePilot “Ground Station”

I have build a small Java application for the OpenSourcePilot. The programm get telemetry data from the quadrocopter and process them on several ways. Possible is:

  • Recording / Save as an CSV file
  • Speech output (for example on a Mac)

You need for this programm

  • Java Runtime Version 1.5 or higher

The output is done with the normal uart interface of the FP/OSP. So it’s possible to use it with the “X-3D USB Interface”.

If you want to do it on the wireless way, you can use one of them: wi232, bluetooth, FPV audio channel. It’s tested with the wi232 modules.

For the speech output function you need a command line programm which can be called by my programm. On the mac you have the “say” command who can do the job. In this way you have something like a “OSD” alternative, which may be helpful for FPV pilots.

To download the OpenSourcePilot, go to the forum thread.

My software (and modified OSP) is also available on the forum.

If you have also an FunPilot and a wi232 module you can connect it in the following way:

To see a test flight with speech output via my programm, just have a look at this video:


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