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November 30, 2010 / ygramulqc

“Simple UAV” maiden flight

On the last sunday I’d the maiden flight of my “Simple UAV” plane. The weather was not really perfect because it’s cold these days and also just a little bit wind, but after some tries I get more comfortable with the touchpad-controlling. Two flights are short, but not too bad and showed me what’s working and what’s to improve.

The value for both motor sides for straight and level flight are between 60 and 110 (maximum is 255). Control input to the left and right are not more than +/-50. Without checksum it’s possible on a distance of ca. 100m that single controlling signals went wrong and the plane do something “strange”. This happens only just for a part of a second but it’s enough .. to much I would say.

Battery minimum was about 6 Volt for a very short time with full loading.


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