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December 8, 2010 / ygramulqc

New electronic build-up for SimUAV

After the nice testflight of my simple uav plane I decide to rebuild the electronic part for some improvements:

  • Size – should fit into the plane cargo bay
  • Easy reflash the arduino – not reconnect wires every time
  • Remove unnecessary parts – AnyVolt Micro is not needed
  • GPS connection – just plug in the GPS module

On the picture you see three electronic build-ups. The original AirAce electronic on the left. In the middle it’s the electronic of the successful maiden flight and on the right side the new one which fit into the plane and should be also more robust.

Next steps are to test all functions of the electronic and play a little bit with the new Firmware 0.2. Especially if the GPS data is received and interpreted correctly. This can be done with the GPS module itself or by my “GPS Simulator”. If these things work well a new testflight will show if the flight behaviour is stable enough or if I need an additional sensor to stabilize the plane.


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  1. Marco / Dec 13 2010 12:21 pm

    Hey Martin, you are becoming an electronic engineer!

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