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January 7, 2011 / ygramulqc

SimUAV – New Ground Tool

On my little uav plane project I started with a new tool for the laptop. It should be possible to create a waypoint map and to track the current position of the plane. I tried to keep things simple as possible but also that it is useable. As alsways it should be usable on the most popular operation systems. In the end it’s a java swing application created with netbeans.

Most things are configurable, like maps, size of waypoint, default map position on earth and other things.

Tracking the current position is also tested with my gps simulator on the plane. The plane send this position wireless to the ground application which displays the position in the map.

The next two tasks are to extend the plane/arduino firmware with waypoint flight function and to create a simple plane simulation on the laptop. This way it’s much better and saver to test, especially at winter time. 🙂

The code is available as usual on the project page.



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  1. Marco / Jan 8 2011 12:13 pm

    Hello Martin,

    the map image is loaded in real time or you have to pre-load it?



    • ygramulqc / Jan 8 2011 6:41 pm

      Hi Marco,
      this map is preloaded. Within the text file you can define one or more images that the application should load on a defined place (lat/long).
      Hasta luego

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