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February 8, 2011 / ygramulqc

Arduino based RC

For a better controlling of the plane I reused a old rc from my silverlit x-ufo. Changed the electronic of the rc to an arduino based and used a wi232 module for the transmission of the control commands. The old “mousepad approach” I used is not very handy if the environment and especially the plane is not in best condition.
So it’s more comfortable to control the plane this way.
The construction is not a big deal. I only used a 7805 to get 5 volt from the batteries and connect everything to this. You only have to remember to cross rx and tx between rc and plane. Also double check with one is the “middle” pin of the poti to connect to the analog input pin on the arduino.
I also used the soft serial library to get a second serial interface. This is used for logging on the pc at the moment.

.Selfmade RC rear sideSelfmade RC front side

Advantages of this are

  • Small device to control the plane
  • No limit on “channels” compared to a traditional rc
  • Back-channel for telematic or other information
  • Resolution up to 1000 steps on a poti
  • Free programmable
  • Optional logging capabilities

You can also use the normal rc that you get with such a plane like mine. I use the “bigger” x-ufo rc because of the two way control of every stick. In this way I have the option to test this also on other vehicles like a copter.

First testflights on a gusty day:

On the last flight the plane “landed” in the water channel.


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