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March 24, 2012 / ygramulqc

Internet controlled FPV Quadrocopter

After controlling the FPV car via Internet the next step was to enhance the system to get a quadrocopter with it into the air.
For this goal the number of channel has to be increased from two to four. Also the software needs some logic in case of a transmission lost on both, the bluetooth connection and also the udp internet connection. In both cases there is implemented a failsave regulation to get the copter to the ground on an well-defined manner.

The fist test was not successful, because the MWC stability mode was not stabile enough for the test and the smartphone mounting was too flexible too see the copter movements early enough. Therefore a DJI Naza was ordered but took some time for delivery (more than a month). This flight control is really stable and adequate for the experiment. To handle the flexible mounting the copter is picked up in traditional manner with a direct sight to it. After a touch down it can more easily becontrolled via fpv.

The test was successful so far. Even with the not really great O2 net connection it is full controllable but also with a delay on the video transmission at about 0.1 up to 1/4 sec. This is also the reason to use a really stable copter at stable flight mode.

Imagine what is possible with a 4G (LTE) connection and an optimized copter that can stay for an hour or more in the air.
Full HD video RX/TX with LTE
Multicopter with more than one hour flighttime


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