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August 12, 2012 / ygramulqc

Quadrocopter control with selfmade multitouch app

A multitouch control for the smartphone is much more similar to traditional remote controlling to an aircraft.
Therefore this was a test to how good a quadrocopter can be controlled with such an App.
In this case two technologies can be distinct. The first is bluetooth as radio link, the second is controlling via a smartphone.
Bluetooth as radio link is really easy to use because it’s buildin within the smartphone and on the aircraft it’s also easy to handle as a serial device. The drawback is a low range. Therefore it’s not perfect for fast aircraft like some sort of planes.
Controlling with a smartphone is nice, because it’s really handy and a lot of people does already have one. The drawback is really bad haptical feedback. It’s harder to handle it without the feeling where the sticks are. But if the thumbs are not lifted, the controlling of a quadrocopter for example, is really good.

Some notes on the multitouch implementation. Like on a simple single touch App it is the same callback method for multitouch
handling, the onTouchEvent method. Within the parameter from the type (class) MotionEvent there is a getAction method which has the information about what touch the event has called, first or second one. It’s not a really a easy to guess api, but it works and within the net are a lot examples for handling it.


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