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About Ygramul

I’m interessted in rotor wing aircrafts, as well as  generally in UAV and flying RC modells. Due to the fact that I’m also a follower of Jesus Christ I’ve the dream to support missionary teams on help or rescue missions with these little aircrafts .. sometimes in the future.



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  1. Beyond Safety / Jun 22 2010 2:46 pm

    Hallo !
    Du hast deine Skills ja mittlerweile weit entwickelt.
    Könntest Du mir Bescheid geben, wenn Du mal wieder in Karlsruhe fliegst ?
    Ich würde mir gerne aus der Nähe ansehen, was so machbar ist.

    Gruß aus KA b.s.

    • ygramulqc / Jun 22 2010 3:48 pm

      passiert grad leider nicht so häufig. Schreib mir ne Mail, dann nehm ich Dich auf’n “Verteiler”. 🙂
      ygramul at

  2. David / Jul 16 2010 1:17 pm


    My name is David Mota, I am a web designer at a Social Sciences institute from Lisbon University. (Portugal)

    Since a small boy i have a passion for helicopteres.

    My father has a gardening company and i have been long thinking about having some sort of flying camera, small enough to not beeing dangerous to operate.

    I first thought of helicopters, then quadcopters, and now i found your site.
    The images have remarkable stability, but since i know nothing of electronics i would think about buying one already done.

    Thanks in advance


  3. Marco / Oct 12 2010 11:00 am

    Good morning Ygramul,

    I’m the guy some days ago has written in RC forum about his Asctec Research Pilot, I’d like to manage him from my pc instead of the RC.

    I have a little program in Visual C++ (single cpp file) that send something that should be near the format of the tx protocol explained in the research pilot guide. Run the code but nothing happens.

    Now what I would like to ask is your help about this code (in a general way, of course). Questions:

    1)Would you like to give an opinion about my code (it’s something like a pair of struct, 4 send methoods, 2 crc methods and a main where I fix variables and launch methods)

    2)When i run the program nothing happens, but when i try to start the quad in idle it try to fly, increasing the thrust. How it should be?

    3)Any opinion in how to develop programming capabilities for that thing are welcome!

    here the Research Pilot guide, should not differ that much from the Funpilot

    Thanks a lot for your time, and sorry for such a long letter.


  4. Jose Sanchez / Jul 15 2012 7:34 pm

    Hi! my name is Jose Sanchez. I study Telematics Engineering and i’m trying to make a project with a robot|vehicle that’s able to go into mines, so it must have video streaming and i want to control it using an Android device with an accelerometer. I also want it to work through 3G. So far my options for building the robot are to control an RC car with an Arduino or to get a Lego Mindstorm. Do you have any suggestions on which specific devices i should use to build it?

    • ygramulqc / Jul 15 2012 7:48 pm

      You do it like me and use a Arduino to control a rc-car. That’s easy, you only have to use the PWM output and send something between 127 and 255 to control a servo or a esc. The Arduino can also be easy connected with a bluetooth module (serial/uart). With the bluetooth module you can communicate with a Android smartphone. But if you want to connect two mobile devices things getting harder. The NAT of the mobile provider are sometimes a bit “ugly” and you have to use an approach like “Skype” to get a connection.

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